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iPhone tips: 5 home screen tweaks you must know if you’re an iPhone 13 user


iPhone 13 comes with several amazing features that will allow users to customize their home screens. Know these five home screen iPhone tips here.

Apple iOS software has a huge number of hidden iPhone tips that everyone should know about to make using the phone more productive and fun. The best result can be seen by iPhone 13 users as it is the latest phone with the latest software, but even older iPhones can access most of these fun features. Here we focus on the iPhone 13 Home screen. These tips will allow you to have a more useful, less cluttered, and customized home screen. Here are five tips to make your iPhone unique as well as user friendly. Every iPhone 13 user must know these hidden tricks. Check them out below.

1. Use different wallpapers for homescreen and lock screen.

You can use different wallpaper for the lock screen and Home screen. This will allow you to highlight a picture on the lock screen, without getting visually interfered with by the many colorful app icons.

You can use a black, or a close-to-black, background for the Home screen. For this simply go to Settings, then Wallpaper, and select Choose a New Wallpaper. You can follow the same steps to set Lock Screen as well.

2. Make folders to declutter your home screen

You can make Folders to declutter your Home screen and organize the apps as iOS has app icons spread across multiple Home screens by default. You can create a folder by selecting and dragging an app icon over the top of another. The folder will automatically appear, select it and edit the name. For example, you can add all the Food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Eatsure etc in the Food Folder.

3. Use the App Library

If you have a lot of apps make use of iOS’s App Library feature. You can limit your Home screens to two and fill the second one with mostly used apps while the remaining apps that you don’t want to delete can be placed in the App Library.

It will make your iOS Home screens less cluttered and easier to manage.

4. Change the stock apps in the Dock

The iOS Dock is the bar at the bottom of all your Home screens that contains the Phone app, Messages, Safari, and Music by default. If you regularly use these apps then it’s fine but if not, you can make much better use of the space. You can simply hold an app icon in the Dock until it jiggles and drag to a new location and now select your new preferred app and drag onto the Dock.

5. Add widgets to home screen, but not too many

Widgets can be very useful at times, but they also take up a lot of space on your home screen. So you can add widgets by either touching and holding a blank space on the home screen and then selecting the “+” icon that appears in the top left of the screen. When app icons start jiggling, or swipe to the left to show the Today View, go to the bottom of the screen and select Edit, then select the “+” icon as before. Now only choose useful widgets like a calendar and world time widget to your Home screen.

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