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Lichfield online fundraiser’s new mobile phone app will “revolutionize” charity donations


People can now donate easier than ever on their phone
People can now donate easier than ever on their phone

Easyfundraising uses affiliate cashback links to raise money for thousands of causes every year and have given away over £ 40 million since being launched 15 years ago.

If an online shopper does their shopping through easyfundraising.org.uk’s affiliate links, the retailer will give a proportion of the sale to a customer’s chosen cause or charity, picked and administered through the website.

The new update to their iPhone and iPad app will revolutionize the way that people can give to charity as users of the Donation Reminder feature are reminded when a donation is available as they shop on their Safari web browser.

They can activate their donation in one tap that the retailer will then give a donation to the user’s chosen charity.

CEO James Moir said: “We are always trying to create new ways of approaching fundraising and making it simpler and easier to give to those causes who need it.

“The cost-of-living crisis has really made people think about every penny that they are spending and that impacts what they are giving to charity. Our model means that people can give to charity directly without paying it out of their own pocket.”

He added: “We are very proud of our team, the developers have really built something special with this donation reminder feature, it really will make a huge difference to the charities and causes throughout the country as more people take the simple step of clicking one button whilst they are doing what they do anyway, it’s a definite positive in terms of getting more people to remember to donate.

“It’s one click that can make a massive difference, the money for their causes is out there from the retailers, it’s up to us to help remind them to claim it and potentially change someone’s life.”

Currently, thousands of users of the platform, which helps over 100,000 causes and charities across the UK raise money, forget that donations to their favorite causes are available and the Donation Reminder is thought to be able to generate up to seven times the amount that would be raised without the prompt. This means that just by doing your daily online shopping, charities and causes can receive thousands of pounds worth of donations.

Last Easyfundraising paid out over £ 4 million to charities and causes across the UK.

Easyfundraising works with over 6000 retailers including Sainsbury’s, Booking.com and GoCompare which means that people doing their everyday online shopping can raise money for free through a variety of retailers without paying out any extra money themselves.

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