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Warning issued to every Apple or Android phone user over apps which could empty bank account


Every iPhone and Android user has been warned over a hidden app danger that could cost you. The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) are warning over apps riddled with malware which could mean you’re left out of pocket.

The NCSC’s Technical Director, Ian Levy, said app stores “have a responsibility to protect users and maintain their trust”. “Our threat report shows there is more for app stores to do, with cyber criminals currently using weaknesses in app stores on all types of connected devices to cause harm,” he explained.

He added: “I support the proposed code of practice, which demonstrates the UK’s continued intent to fix systemic cybersecurity issues.” The NCSC said the proposed code of practice would help reduce the risk of malicious apps reaching consumers.

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They propose placing new security and privacy requirements on app developers as well as app stores, including compelling stores to have a vulnerability reporting process for every app and requiring more transparency from apps as to why they want access to personal information such as contact lists or a user’s location.

Cyber ​​Security Minister Julia Lopez said: “Apps on our smartphones and tablets have improved our lives immensely – making it easier to bank and shop online and stay connected with friends. But no app should put our money and data at risk.

“That’s why the Government is taking action to ensure app stores and developers raise their security standards and better protect UK consumers in the digital age.”

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